Sunday, April 26, 2009

THE 30 SECOND PITCH (second attempt)

In traditional jargon this project is a MUSEUM. That is, this is the PROGRAM of the project. The first half of the project was spent researching as a group, and the second half has been individual projects. The studio has moved away from specific DRAG related ideas, choosing to focus on subset concepts.

Concepts discussed:
• Creativity
• Complexity and contradiction
• Scale
• Form vs. Function
• Program/Circulation
• Representation
• Narrative
• Heirarchy
• Materiality

Additionally, an attempt has been made to utilize existing internet infrastructures for RESEARCH/PROCESS/REPRESENTATION. It has been the intention that these infrastructures (flickr/youtube/blogger) create a SPACE that extends beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom walls and beyond the small slice of 3 hours, twice a week.

And while the concepts discussed in the context of this project are fairly straightforward, they have been confronted in radically different ways. Everything has been designed to get the students to behave as ACTIVE participants in the accumulation/assimilation of information. they have not been given the option between blue pill red pill.

A strategy of discomfort and chaos has been employed. “far from equilibrium” (link to download text) as Sanford Kwinter talks about, is where creativity occurs. So everything from teaching strategies to the overall concept, “museum in drag,” and even site (red hook, Brooklyn) is meant to get the students out of their element and alert.

As part of strategy of discomfort, students have been asked to engage SCALE in the extreme. “Yes” is hopefully the answer to the question “Is it too much?” By crossing lines, we can better understand their nature. Additionally it is the intention that an understanding of SCALE in terms of HIERARCHY be developed. Excess SCALE is a powerful thing if learned to used appropriately.

Finally, the studio has been focused on the GENERATION of IDEAS. The studio talks about the "representation of an idea through image" - and not "representation of a building through section." (hopefully that distinction is clear, because this it the logic behind the decision to hold the final review in the format of Pecha Kucha.

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